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Chapter One

"A long time ago, the government talked about having super soldiers after a terrorist attack. People with special skills that can fight the battles without us having heavy losses. They wanted something they could mold and shape, and children were just that, but you knew parents hated the idea of using children to fight and die. They tried hospital patients on their deathbed that did not mind treatment if it was to cure them, but they were much too weak, so the result was getting orphans. They were the perfect choice being owned by the state, even with some of them being weak, mentally, and or physically. They started on as many as they could round up. Training in military-style at young ages and going to boot camp early to become faster, smarter, and stronger than the average person. " The man said, sitting on the driver's side of a car parked in an empty lot before they heard there was a fire at the old trailer park. Once they got there, the vacant lot was filled with cinders and ash as the trailer was left as burning rumble. They looked around to find any clue or evidence that could have help, and they will have to look around to see if anyone saw what happen. They got a tip that a middle-aged man with his younger girlfriend and son lived there, and now they were on their way to question the son and girlfriend.

He got back in the car with his partner and continued the conversation they were having from before, "A childhood like normal kids was not in their world. Some could deal with it, the harsh training that they put on those kids, while others ran, I'm sure but couldn't; where could they go that the government couldn't find them? They were government property, much like this police car, and only higher-ups knew about them. At the same time, the media and the public did not know about any of this. It was later that a little boy escaped that place, I am sure there was more, but he was the first one the public knew about and was hunted down. However, they just could not get hold of him, with the training and all. The super-soldier program was a success, not even the people who looked after him could get to him. The sad news was the shock the boy experience by being on the outside. A world was like landing on another planet, and he went crazy, killing everything in sight. "

"We still do not know the details about what happens and what caused the boy to be so incense, but the people were outrage as you can imagine. That was when the shit hit the fan. They then killed the kids as opposed to being set free, not wanting another event like before, and shut the whole project down. " An older man said smoking in a car looking at people passing by. "That some shit, but what does that have to do with this right now, Frank. " A younger man said in the passenger seat told with shades on his face. "Damn it, Rick, you are a reporter, are not you? Then think about it, of it does not matter why even takes this job. It is important to know that not all the kids from that project died. They even believe that some of them are still alive; it was only two or three years ago. We do not even know if the boy who started it all is even dead,"

Jayson came back home with his father's arm around his head and on his shoulder. His dad had a stupid smile on his face as it thrilled him to see him, but if he wanted him so desperately, why did he or his mother abandoned him. A few days passed, "dad" has been leaving every day early, leaving me with his girlfriend, who is young enough to be my sister, every day, and the same thing happens. Dad gets up first, and his girlfriend, for whatever stupid reason, tries to bond with me. Dad comes back drunk with his clothes all messy; one of two things happens next. He takes his girlfriend in the backroom and has sex, sometimes even leaving the door open. Alternatively, when dad is not horny would argue and beat his young girlfriend sometimes in front of me. I try to stop him, and he turns his attention to uses and me whatever he can get his hands on to beat me down. Then in the morning, he would cry and beg for forgiveness, and like the idiot she is, she would. They will spend the whole day together, and the next, he will leave again, and she would do her best to try a validated what he does.

After a while, he started taking me out with him, and it seems like before he gets smashed, he goes to a lawyer. Sure enough, he wants my "mother" to pay child support and uses me to get extra cash. He wants me to lie, and in return, he will treat me better and might even give me his girlfriend. Just hearing this makes me angry and disgusted. So angry when we went to court, I told them the truth, how my father was not good. Now he is only using me so he can get extra cash. When we got home, we argued we fought, and this time I fought back, beating him down. Then his stupid girlfriend got in front of me, which is ridiculous since he hit her in the head and knocked her out, then hits me with a chair, making me fall to the ground as he got on top of me and started to beat me. Thinking back, I do not remember my mother or my father before meeting him, and it was a shock to know that this man was trying his best to hit me in the head to the point I might die was my father.

I thought I would die as I could feel blood coming out from a cut, and I tried my best to cover up. I felt this cold chill cover my body as I waited for my father to finish; I heard something screaming. I could hear bones snapping, and I thought it was over, but when I open my eyes and looked, I realize that some of the blood I felt on me was not my blood, it was his. He was on the ground legs, his arm was broken, and here I am holding a beer bottle with a rag inside and fire on the tip. When did I make this? I looked around and saw the whole place was on fire. Something happens to us, but I could not tell you how it got started. His girlfriend was still knocked out where she was, and next to her, there was blood on the floor and wall, and it led to him. I could not help but smile, looking at him beg for his life and forgiveness.

Hearing his cries made me smile, and my laughing caused him to crack a smile. "Relax, I will not kill you, dad," hearing these words cause him to burst his smile from ear to ear. He was so happy tears started to fall from his face. "But I will NEVER forgive you," looking at him, I never saw so many changes in his expression. He went from scared, happy, anger, rage, sorrow, and my favorite emotion, fear. I threw the cocktail at the wall, having it burst into flames engulfing that half of the room. I figure I could at least save the girl, as it was not her fault, and dragged her out with my father cursing at me; his fear became insanity, laughing. I did not look back and did not care about dropping the girl outside of the trailer. I never looked back after that.

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