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Ego or Self

I was always told that money rules. Money is power in this world, but at the same time money isn't real. The paper that we print to create money is being replace with apps and online exchange. Money is important but money shouldn't be look for. So many different conflicting emotions that this idea of currency holds on to us like a primal desire. The idea to calculate someone worth has always been with us, but money no matter what shape or form it has is just a means to get goods and services. So why are there poor and homeless while others are millionaires with multiples homes. While would one give their millions to charities while someone winning millions in lotteries are unable to make it last? People think money is evil but I don't see that to be true. Money is evil much like guns kill people, it is the action behind the object that determines the morality of said action. These ideas of morality, mindset, worth all of these things are human conditions. It is humans that give labels to these things that wouldn't be found anywhere else in the world. Animals have social norms where you can live a peaceful happy life unaware of the extra stress and burden that comes with being human. They are worry about basic needs like shelter, food, having children. We on the other hand in general have needs satisfied so we worry about something else and nine times out of ten money in some way shape of form is involved. That is more so a function of human sociality putting the weigh on a form of currency over a large period of time. At one point this wasn’t an issue where currency was nothing and survival was everything. I still think that survival still outweighs the material things we think will bring something into our lives.

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